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This page will let you know a bit about who I am and how I work, but I’m also trying to keep a decent journal of projects and works in progress on Instagram. Im on Twitter too, and recently created a GitHub account for my Drawbot experiments/learnings in Python, and cool CSS snippets I may want to reuse some day later. I write about work life on Medium.


You can skip the intro and visit my projects portfolio here.


Here’s the rundown:


I design brand identities, digital products, publications, event invites, typefaces, and other very cool things.​ I'm based in Trinidad, and I like drawing letters, writing code, and solving complex (and easy) problems.


Most of my working time is spent designing communications for fresh brands on tight budgets. I prefer collaborating with nimble, open-minded clients, through transparent, flexible processes.


I prefer common sense over convention, and think that if something works, it works. Simple as that.


The best solutions will have challenges, and that’s okay. Good design is about solving problems, kicking ass and taking names later. It's best to do that as a team, and I prioritise high-involvement, invested participation from the people I work with.


I don’t work for or with assholes.


Off-time is key. I believe that there should always be opportunities for learning, talking, sketching and working on typefaces, taking a break, and generally stepping away from rigorous project work. In keeping with this, I dedicate a significant portion of my working time to learning, experimentation, and self-generated work. These days, I’m spending my off-time playing with my new dog, learning 3d for graphic design and animation, working more and more with Python for both web and graphic design, and drawing two typefaces.


I'd love to talk about your next project.


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I’m a designer from Trinidad and Tobago, available to work on challenging projects and fun collaborations.​​